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The Get Shopping Directory covers everything from A to Z. Our Guide to the Goods section showcases links to all your must-have merchandise! Boasting something for the stone butch, flaming queen, and everyone in between, our Dorothy's Closet fingertip shopping guide affords access to multiple LGBT-owned and friendly merchants with a single keystroke! We entice visitors to come on over the rainbow! Try on those fabulous stilettos or sensible shoes; no matter if your style is barefoot, Birkenstock, or Louboutin, we have it all right here! And don't forget to check out Dorothy's Favourite Things!

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Priape Wear Montreal,QC www.priapewear.com 514.286.2916 Apparel
ajaxx63 Seattle, WA www.ajaxx63.com 206.522.4545 Apparel
dykesinthecity Baltimore, MD www.ditc.net 607.280.8382 Apparel
Colt Leather USA/Europe www.coltleather.com 888.596.9279 Apparel - Leather
Grrlscout Sedona, AZ www.grrlscout.com 877.809.1659 Apparel
Family Evolutions Auburndale, MA www.familyevolutions.com 877.300.8846 Apparel
On Your Bod Ottawa, ON www.onyourbod.com 613.816.6915 Apparel
mankind San Diego, CA www.mankindsd.com 619.497.1970 Apparel
SK-ETCH-INK  Vancouver, BC www.sketchink.ca 604.202.1209 Art - Glass Etching
Gaywheels USA www.gaywheels.com 347.560.0429 Auto
luggage and handbags
Timbuk2 San Francisco, CA www.timbuk2.com 800.865.2513 Bags
After Stonewall Ottawa, ON www.afterstonewallbooks.ca 613.567.2221 Books
mothertongue Ottawa, ON www.mothertonguebooks.ca 613.730.2346 Books
Alyson Books  USA www.alyson.com 323.871.1225 Books
Bella Books, Inc. Tallahassee, FL www.bellabooks.com 800.729.4992 Books
Cleis Press San Francisco, CA www.cleispress.com 800.780.2279 Books
Kore Press Tucson, Arizona www.korepress.org 520.629.9752 Books
Insightout Mechanicsburg, PA www.insightoutbooks.com Books
Mag & Fags Ottawa, ON www.magsandfags.ca 613.233.9651 Magazines
Amazing Coffee In Madoc Madoc, ON www.amazingcoffee.ca


Bridgehead Ottawa, ON www.bridghead.ca 613.569.5600 Coffee
DavidsTea Ottawa, ON www.davidstea.com 613.236.6548 Tea
Love and Pride USA and Canada Love and Pride Jewelry - New arrivals 866.808.5683 Jewellery
kimizone CA www.kimizone.com 831.706.4199 Jewellery
Chokerz 4 Men USA www.chokerz4men.com Jewellery
j a sharp Custom Jeweler Lancaster, PA www.pridejewelry.com 717.295.9661 Jewellery
k b designs Asbury, NJ www.kbdesigns.org 800.443.5865 Jewellery
Chamilia USA/Canada www.chamilia.com 800.495.0977 Jewellery
Talk About It Castaic, CA www.talkaboutit.net 888.858.3489 Jewellery
magpie Ottawa, ON www.magpiejewellery.com 613.233.2065
The Sassy Bead Co. Ottawa, ON www.thesassybeadco.com 613.567.7886 Jewellery
skin products
F.A.G. Fabulous and Gay Rochester, NY www.fabulousandgay.com 585.469.0016 Skin Products
SheSays Ottawa, ON www.shesays.ca info@shesays.ca Adult Products
Woofgang Vancouver, BC www.woofgang.ca 604.876.8759 Pet Supplies
Venus Envy Ottawa, ON www.venusenvy.ca/ 613. 789.4646 Adult Products
MACS Vancouver, BC www.shopmasc.com/ 1.877.940.4555 Skin Products
dorothys closet dorothys closet dorothys closet dorothys closet dorothys closet
Crocs Summer Styles: Men (250x300) 

Dorothy would like to thank our sponsors who share our passion and support of GLBT communities.

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